2008 is behind us – thank heavens! And like me, I’m sure you’re looking forward to brighter expectations in 2009. Many of you might have been pink-slipped or living in the shadow of fear wondering when the axe will fall. So perhaps you’re on the watch for ways and means to augment your current income with perhaps an online business? One of the best ways to succeed in an online business is through Teleseminars.

Statistics indicate that 8000 people in the US embark on an online business everyday. What is distressing is that 90% fall by the wayside very shortly. But that need not happen to you. You need to work out a clear plan to succeed in the coming year. One of the best strategies is through the medium of Teleseminars.

Wikipedia’s definition of a teleseminar is an emerging method of communication with a group of individuals with similar interests by offering information and training towards promotion and sale of products. In essence it is a seminar which is conducted over a bridge or conference line. The interaction is usually recorded for delivery at some later date.

Reason # 1 and the most compelling reason to opt for teleseminars in the current year is that they are outside the purview of recession. The expenses are minimal, no travel, no hotel bills, no additional cost by way of food and entertainment for your invitees. Businesses have to stay alive and people still need to learn which makes teleseminars a winning proposition for all concerned.

Reason # 2 why teleseminars are ideal is the low cost involved in marketing them. It is not too difficult to promote them in forums, social media sites and from your list. You could even team up with others of similar interest and split the cost. Several enterprising entrepreneurs have made thousands for a marketing investment of as little as $ 50.00.

Teleseminar for Online Business Success.

Reason # 3 is obvious – product sales generation. As a forerunner to a telecourse you could do a free teleseminar or use it to refer your listeners to a sales page. Once you become well known your calls need not be free.

Reason # 4 is to establish your credibility. No better platform can be found than teleseminars to broadcast your expertise. The more teleseminars you conduct the more you will be in demand and the sooner you will become an accredited leader in your field.

Reason # 5 for teleseminars is list building. When you sign people up you are creating a list. A responsive list is one of the most important aspects for online success.

Reason # 6 is traffic generation, another important ingredient for success in working on the internet. On your sales material include several links to your website. You have to hang the tantalizing carrot of a freebie to attract your prospects, which will help build your list. Get the idea of where this is going?

Reason # 7 is that teleseminars are flexible, have a number of different purposes and can be altered to suit in several diverse ways. You can save then up to be transcribed later into an eBook. You can record them for course material that you can sell at a later date. You could write saleable articles for training in the future.

I hope after this little discourse I have convinced you of the efficacy of teleseminars in promoting yourself or your products. A friendly suggestion to help you on your way: Learn from someone who has mastered the art and used teleseminars to make a mint of money doing them.

Cheyenne, Wyoming — Latin Jam 2009 (also called Latina Jam 2009) featured music performances by Steve Chavez and Jenna Martinez at the Cheyenne Civic Center Saturday night. The area in front of the stage (and later the stage itself) turned into a mini dance hall for numerous teenage girls during Latin Jam 2009. Latin Jam 2009 is part of the annual Latina Youth Conference held in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was a mild autumn evening in Wyoming’s capital city for this event, which brought out 200-plus people of all ages.

Veteran Performer Steve Chavez Sung About Members of His Family During Latin Jam 2009 at the Cheyenne Civic Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming

The musical entertainment opened with a youth mariachi band from Sheridan, Wyoming performing for about 20 minutes. The group is made up of a melting pot of youth, and was founded by a Spanish teacher. As the blonde-haired lead male singer crooned out some tunes, he elicited many screams from the teenage girls attending Latin Jam 2009.

Latin Jam Cheyenne.

Then New Mexico’s own Steve Chavez, a veteran performer of more than 35 years (and 8 CD releases to his credit), came out and sang for 55 minutes. He sung a variety of songs in Spanish, including Tejano, using his electric guitar. The subject manner of some of his tunes included that of his wife, brother, and mother. As he sung some faster-paced tunes, including one using the titles of 43 Spanish songs, teenage girls in the audience came up in front of the stage and started dancing with each other. This in itself is rather contrarian for the Cheyenne Civic Center, as most performances held there draw primarily conservative and really laid back crowds who sit in their seats for the duration of the show. The atmosphere of this Cheyenne, Wyoming venue was one of a dance hall, without the alcohol. The crowd, especially the youth, was basically well-behaved while they had a good time.

Jenna Martinez Gets More Latina Youth Dancing At Latin Jam 2009 in Cheyenne, Wyoming at the Cheyenne Civic Center

Albuquerque, New Mexico singer Jenna Martinez closed Latin Jam 2009 with roughly 35 minutes of Spanish songs, mostly Tejano in sound. She won 2008 New Mexico Hispano Entertainers Associations Awards for Female Vocalist of the Year amp; CD of the Year (“SOY DEL NORTE”) according to her website. One of her numbers was the energetic Tejano tune called Soy Del Norte, from the above album, which began the convergence of scores of teenage girls from the Latina Youth Conference 2009 to the front of the stage to dance and get a closer view of the rising star, who handed out t-shirts and beads. She moved around with quite a flair on stage. She ended her performance at the Cheyenne Civic Center by calling the Latina girls onto the stage itself while she crooned out, of all things, Summertime Blues.

Both headliners stayed after to interact with the fans and sign merchandise.


Cheyenne Civic Center website: www.cheyenneciviccenter.org

CMS Web design is really in trend these days! Content management system has proved to be a true revolution in the world of web designing. Many non-geeks want to set up and manage their online business/E-Commerce store through their websites on their own. This is the situation where CMS comes into play. With CMS, you can easily handle multiple websites on your own. With the increase in the pace of the CMS demand, the number of CMS web design service providers also increased significantly. But planning is the very first phase of carrying out any project. So, deciding upon the budget before hand is also very necessary. Below you will see few tips that would help you to pan out the project within the budget constraints:

1) Paying for Quality: Like any consumer product, paying more for quality that lasts provides value for money spent. To establish a design budget our advice for analyzing web design prices may help you avoid the mistakes others make. If you have a light budget for the project, then you may look for the reputed ultra-affordable service providers so that you can be assured of the quality. If you look for the cheapest price and lack the technical skills to analyze quality, you may end up with a clunker that just doesn’t perform.

Custom CMS Web Design Budget.

2) Expertise and Technology: It also depend on the status of the service provider who is dealing with your project. If it is freelancer, obviously, he/she will be charging less prices for the project. But if it is company, then you would be paying more for the projects but here you would have access to latest technological resources and a team of expertise. Moreover, you can be assured of the turnaround time and the other issues related to project like maintenance issues etc. Hiring a freelance web designer may be the best choice, yet use due diligence to verify their quality and experience

3) Functionality Added: It also depend on the number of functionality chosen to be added in the website. More the number of functionality added, higher will be the pricing. You may start with specific functionality, but can add later on with the expansion of your business. CMS development is not a one-staged process, but incorporates multiple steps to prepare a fully-functional and user-friendly website.

These are the few factors which decide on the major chunk of your budget that you have kept aside for CMS website design and development. CMS websites are easy to handle, manage and update. It is an intelligent decision if you have opted for it for your online business. But you need to pan your way to hire CMS developers for your website.

Cheyenne, Wyoming — Singer and songwriter Michael Martin Murphey performed before a few hundred fans for two hours September 5 at the Cheyenne Civic Center. Michael Martin Murphey performed different kinds of music including country western, bluegrass, folk rock, and cowboy music before a crowd made up of mostly middle aged people, many of whom were attired in Western garb. Here’s more about the Michael Martin Murphey performance over Labor Day weekend at the Cheyenne Civic Center. His voice sounds really smooth and seasoned.

The 64-year-old has performed professionally since the age of 17, where he performed at a Texas ranch and then clubs in the Dallas area according to his biography at Wikipedia. He’s also starred in movies like Hard Country and Take This Job And Shove It, according to The Billboard Book of Top 40 Country Hits. Michael Martin Murphey has collaborated with the “Who’s Who” of country music, including Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Randy Travis, Faith Hill, and many more.

Michael Martin Murphy at the Cheyenne Civic Center.

Michael Martin Murphey Performs at the Cheyenne Civic Center, Extolling His Cowboy Values Quite Candidly

Michael Martin Murphey enthralled the ears of pop music lovers with his #1 Adult Contemporary hit song from 1975 Wildfire, but he’s also composed other pop songs such as What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round for The Monkees, as well as all 19 tunes for Kenny Rogers amp; The First Edition’s 1972 album The Ballad of Calico, which is about a ghost town in California, according to the biography at his website.

But his career has been more than that. As a matter of fact, Michael Martin Murphey was introduced at the Cheyenne Civic Center as “America’s singing cowboy poet”. He lived up to that Saturday night, wearing a cowboy hat, bandana, and Wranglers as he sung several cowboy-themed songs during the second half of his performance along with his back up band made up of three talented musicians who played a fiddle, acoustic guitar, and a base guitar. The renditions included the reflective When The Work’s All Done This Fall and Marty Robbins’ smash hit from roughly 50 years ago El Paso, which was performed with crispness and conviction. Between songs, Michael Martin Murphy talked about his love for trains and the values of cowboys, even admonishing single men to find a wife who can “run a Bobcat and back a trailer.” He told the Cheyenne Civic Center audience that “You (Cheyenne, Wyoming) do more to keep Western heritage alive than any other city on earth.” The candid performer even quipped about politics, “I’m a right wing conservative son of a gun.”

Michael Martin Murphey Performs Wildfire Awesomely at the Cheyenne Civic Center

Wildfire Michael Martin Murphey.No Michael Martin Murphey concert would’ve been complete without him singing one of the defining songs of the 1970’s, that being Wildfire, which he did to close the show (before the encore). The guitar play for that rendition was beautiful. He also sang three of his other hits What’s Forever For (a Number 1 country hit in 1982), Carolina in the Pines and What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round, with the latter two really emphasizing his and his band’s skill at capturing the bluegrass sound.

Michael Martin Murphey received a standing ovation from the Cheyenne Civic Center crowd, then went on to perform two more songs, dedicating his final number Boy From The Country to John Denver, who he called “the greatest singer and songwriter of the 20th century”, praising the late music icon for inspiring people to love the land.

He stayed after to interact with the fans as well as to sign autographs. This Cheyenne Civic Center performance was opened by another cowboy singer named Jon Chandler, who sung about Frank and Jesse James as well as Geronimo, among other subjects.


Michael Martin Murphey: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Martin_Murphey, Wikipedia

Michael Martin Murphey Bio: http://www.michaelmartinmurpheymusic.com/cms/index.php?page=extended-biography, Michael Martin Murphey Official Website

Joel Whitburn, The Billboard Book of Top 40 Country Hits, Updated amp; Expanded Edition (2006)

Joel Whitburn, The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits, 8th Edition (2004)

Joel Whitburn, Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Albums: 1955-1996 (1996)

After a long and tiresome weekend, I was confined to my couch for another lazy Sunday evening with the boob tube.

As I hate television for the most part, I was surprised that I actually was able to sit through MTV’s entire music awards show. (Perhaps my enormous, throbbing head was preventing my legs from standing up and changing the channel.)

Nonetheless, I was curious. It’s been awhile since MTV and I have gotten along, and I figured that even if the music was going down the crapper, maybe they’d at least give the musics some credit….

…Maybe not.

While I made my best effort to see flicks like Twilight, Slumdog Millionaire and Iron Man, I was in awe of how many musics and “celebrities” I was unaware of.

High School Musical 3…when was there a 1st? …Who the hell is Bruno? …Why do half of the people in the audience look younger than me? …Why are all my guy friends obsessed with this Megan Fox chic, who can’t seem to remove the stick up her butt in order to fake a smile?… And who in their right mind is still allowing Miley Cyrus to make music?

As a fan of Kings of Leon (who didn’t just jump on the last album’s bandwagon,) I had to frown at their performance. Besides it being one of my least-favorite songs on Only by the Night, it raised the question of whether or not the band will be able to keep their non-commercial appeal if they turn completely commercial by their next album. Despite this, it was still refreshing to hear a talented band play at a show like this.

2009 MTV Music Awards.

On the up-side, it was good to see Eminem back in business, although some of his performance did seem lip-synced (part of MTV’s official protocol, I suppose)… Heath Ledger won a well-deserved award for Best Villain…Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington’s attendance also seemed crucial.

Having just seen Twilight, I finally understood what all the fuss was about; Kristen Stewart clumsily dropping the popcorn award in her Converse kicks made me like her even more…The only award I wish didn’t go to the vamp-music was for “Best Kiss”; hands-down that should have gone to Sean Penn and James Franco for their superb performance in Milk.

Apparently this year’s awards show was co-sponsored by the Disney Channel, perhaps accounting for the majority of awards going to people whose names I’ve already forgotten. Surprisingly, Disney allowed the “WTF Award.” (Gasp!)

Promotional Pointers: Publicizing Your Web Site on MySpace

Social networking is big-time booming business! How can you use this white-hot trend to your best advantage, as you seek to promote your own website? Once just an adolescent cyber-playground, MySpace may now be an effective marketing strategy for your online business and website!

The following guidelines and practical pointers will guide you through MySpace, but similar procedures and strategies may be employed on other social networking sites, such as Classmates, Facebook, Friendster, Minti, Yuwie, and others.

Produce a personal profile.

Avoid corporate-sounding profiles, in favor of a more personal approach. This is considerably more attractive to MySpace browsers. Unless you are a musician or part of a professional music group, you will gain the most visibility and networking success by creating a personal profile on MySpace. This is free and easy to do.

Make your page as inviting and intriguing as possible. Employ design elements from your website, such as colors, borders, photos and more. Consider adding a photographic slide show, if you have products or people to promote.

Publicizing Website on MySpace.

Unless your purpose is to network wholly within your organization, a real photo will suit you much better. If you would prefer not to paste your own face into cyberspace, you might include a cartoon, avatar or other personal artwork item. However, a corporate logo or product photo will smack of spam and send potential friends and page viewers clicking for the hills!

Find some friendly traffic.

MySpace page traffic is driven by online friends. If you send and accept invitations to friendship, you will build a base of influence on the site. Merely listing web-links, ads and promotional pieces on your page is not enough, unless you can attract visitors and viewers!

Of course, this means you will have to visit your friends’ pages as well, leaving courteous messages and comments. Why not create a graphic link comment, so you can publicize your site while passing good will to your friends? As long as this is a friendly and tasteful greeting, rather than outright promotion or spam, it can be done with class.

Obviously, racy and potentially offensive comments and images should be avoided. Why risk offending potential customers?

Be sure that you have identified your audience. Is your website targeted for children, teens, men, women, seniors or whom? MySpace is not just for teens anymore. With a little advanced searching, you can easily find the demographics you seek for your promotional efforts.

Blogs away!

MySpace offers members the opportunity to post blogs on their own page. You can choose to share your blogs with the entire MySpace user community as well. If you are promoting, this is the choice to make!

Post blogs regularly, even daily, if possible. Don’t just spam. Create a weekly or daily newsletter, if you can. Include worthwhile content, but add your website link whenever it is relevant and appropriate. Include photos or illustrations, as these tend to draw blog readers. Add helpful tag lines for surfers to spot.

Be a bulletineer.

Posting MySpace Bulletins.As a MySpace user, you can send bulletins to your entire list of friends. This is simple and speedy to do! You can copy and paste the content of each blog entry you post into a bulletin. Again, be sure to include your URL link for your website!

Bulletins are helpful, because they appear on each friend’s home page. Unfortunately, not everyone will read your MySpace blogs, but they certainly will be alerted to each new bulletin you post!

Groups count.

MySpace offers special interest groups, which can offer targeted audiences for a countless variety of niches. From bicyclists to bookworms, and from computer programmersto cookie bakers, there seems to be a MySpace group for nearly any topic. Join the ones that fit your market niche, be it sporting goods or software, and you will meet folks who may be interested in what you are marketing.

Of course, you will need to show some etiquette in this. Posting shameless self-promotion or advertising may cause you to be banned from a group, if the group leader is paying attention! However, contributing helpful and informative comments, while including your link when it fits the topic, can be a marketing asset.

Find the forums!

MySpace has a forum community as well. Reading posts and responding, or even introducing your own discussion threads, may be a strategic means of building interest in your market niche and your website too! As with group posts, however, spamming can get you ousted, so be careful!

Know the limits.

MySpace currently blocks URL links from AC and certain other online publishing sites and writing communities. However, it is possible to obtain new links from several conversion sources, such as Decent URL and Tiny URL.

However, MySpace tends to frown upon external weblinks. Users who click on hyperlinks now will be redirected to an intermediate screen, warning them about password pfishers. At the same time, this screen posts a pause, deterring readers from leaving MySpace to view an external site.

Personal space can be profitable!

Essentially, if you produce an interesting and informative page, with pleasing graphics and strategic weblinks, you can certainly increase interest in your own website through networking on MySpace and similar sites. Stay clear of spamming, and you may reap the rewards!