Online Music Business – All About YouTube

If you are always on the Internet, chances are that you know about YouTube. If you are not familiar with YouTube, then, it is about time that you start learning all you can about it, because where this website is concerned, ignorance is not bliss.

YouTube is video website online where users can create, upload and share videos they’ve made with other users. For quick play and loading of the videos, they are streamed. Many video websites charge their users for membership, or they charge you to watch videos. YouTube is an absolutely free service. Free to watch, create, upload and share. All you have to do is just go to their website and see what it is all about. However, if you want to create videos, rate them, and leave comments, you will have to register with them.

Whatever your interest is, all you have to do is a simple keyword search, and videos will show up that are related to the keywords you have chosen. You can also find videos that have generated the most traffic by rank, comments, views and links. YouTube has all sorts of users on their sites that have different opinions on topics, since many videos are homemade, there are some who will take offense to some views. YouTube does not condemn anyone to upload videos. There is no way of knowing what the content will be in some videos, but, if it not to your liking, just do not watch any videos that you would deem offensive.

YouTube is a great place to be entertained, to make money, and to be informed. If you have a business, YouTube is an excellent place to promote it. You can draw users to your website through a video, to buy your product or service. When I put in the keyword, “make money”, I saw quite a few interesting videos. The first one was Make Money With The Rich Jerk Money Making System which was viewed 6, 811 times, favored 13 times, and had 5 comments and 5 links. I skipped around and found another interesting video called “Make Money Online-Don’t Get Scammed” which was viewed 994 times and favored twice. If you are not offended by rap music and profanity, this business owner shows you how he makes thousands every day, and gives you his report for free, and names his website. I went to the website, and this is what I found: You can get a free report by opting-in to his email list, but as usual there is a sales page with a price at the end.

Online Music Business Through Youtube.

“The Secret To Earning At Home” to me is a very honest, down-to-earn money making video. It only has 509 views,6 comments, and just favored 4 times. After the “pitch” he ended it by showing pictures of his family, and his lifestyle, with a rocking song in the background. There are even professional business that advertise as well as the entrepreneur. So, you can see how YouTube is an amazing tool that can put thousands of dollars, or even millions into your bank account.

Another way to make money is with music. If you are a musician who has a song, or CD to promote, you can get people to go to your website and order your CD or download your single. The first musician I found putting in the keywords Music CD is “Music CD Forever: Erle Montaigue and Moontague Blues: The Song. The Footage was taken on Black Mountain in Wales. There have been 54, 137 views, 28 comments and it has been favored 32 times. Another music video I saw was “The Most Evolved” Acoustic Spanish Guitar TABS CD” by John H. Clarke. His video has been viewed 36,626 times, has 106 comments and was favored 453 times.

Movies are also made on YouTube, from amateur to professional. There are some really good ones. One I found that was really funny was “MTV Cribs Parody:Judah Martin”. This video got 11, 296 views, 28 comments and was favored 23 times. Another movie I liked was “Sky Of Love” a romantic Asian film.

If you are an artist, YouTube is a great place to promote your artwork. Putting in the keywords art gallery, I found “Descent 3:Kuman 99 3D Art Gallery”. That had 1, 396 views, 5 comments and favored 5 times. Another video I found was “Voices In The Sky: Original Art And Designs”. This video got 1, 293 views, 2 comments and was favored 2 times. It just goes to show you, that you can even make money from YouTube with not only Internet businesses, but music and art. Other videos I’ve seen were for book sales, fund raising, earning money on Runescape and otters holding hands.

YouTube is also great for learning how to do things. There is a whole category for How-To. You can find things like “How To Use Stereo Microphones On The Grand Piano”, “How To Sell Soap”, “How To Make Cookies”, “Starting A Business“, “How To Cook Salmon”, “How To Balance Board, and much more.

So, if you are not a part of YouTube you can see just how much you are missing out on. This is an amazing website to not only entertain, but can be financially rewarding and educational as well.