Skepticism of Home Based Online Businesses

Today people are wanting to make more money and have more leisure time. At least that’s the psychology played off from those late night/early morning infomercials. The thing is, which opportunities are legitimate and which ones are not? It seems everyone of them charge some fee for getting started, but how do you know whether or not that fee you pay is a worthwhile investment or not?

This is where the skepticism comes into play. By deciding to go into this opportunity you are taking a risk, and even the idea of taking a risk is enough to make some people skeptical. Am I going to get a return for my investment, or am I going to just lose that $35, $50, $100 fee out of gullibility?

Although I am tempted to break down and submit myself into these “opportunities” due to me currently being an underpaid state employee in Louisiana. Don’t even get me started about being from Louisiana. I’ll gripe about the state of Louisiana in another article. Anyway, though I have been tempted, I just can’t bring myself to go into these home-based businesses because of my skepticism. Yes the idea of such wealth can get my head spinning, but I’m just afraid I’m going to end up losing and the only ones who will profit will be the people who are selling these “products” or “services”.

Home Based Business

I don’t know. I’m sure some of these “opportunities” are legitimate, but it’s hard to tell which ones. I’m sure which ever ones are legitimate do charge a small fee, but because I’m not sure which are legitimate and which are scams, I’m skeptical. I try doing a Google search on these “opportunities” to see if I can find a hint as to whether or not they are scams. You cannot exactly trust or even the Better Business Bureau because a lot of complaints on Rip Off Report are not legitimate themselves as some of those complainers were probably the only ones who have had the bad experience with whatever they are complaining about and have been the ones who have felt ripped off and are trying to exploit that company. So therefore Rip Off Report isn’t very helpful.

Since this all started, I’ve thought maybe I should try to meet and hookup with someone who has been successful through these “opportunities” and try to get in on them with that person. Maybe I can marry somebody who already has a successful home-based online business and try to get in on it that way. Maybe my hypothetical entrepreneurial wife will hire me to take care of the financials while she does the selling. She and I could run the business together. I guess what I’m saying is is getting into these online home-based businesses might reduce my skepticism if I go in as part of a team. Then again, that team might betray me but at this point, being part of a team might make me more confident.

Of course on the other hand, if I meet somebody who’s daddy owns a successful company, maybe I can marry her for an executive position in that company.

Anyway, this is my rant for…right now. I just had to get my thoughts out. I’ll leave it up to the readers on whether they agree or disagree.